Allen Lowery

Jubilation by Allen Lowery

"Jubilation," Acrylic by Allen Lowery

“Contemporary and Traditional Paintings”

I was originally trained as an oil painter and teacher but today work primarily in water media (watercolor and acrylics) as a multi-media artist and poet. I utilize layering techniques in much of my work employing colorful acrylic washes on paper, canvas or hard board to create vivid imagery that will engage the imagination of the viewer.

My poetry is offered as illustrated verse and is the inspiration for many of my paintings. Although any subject is fair game, my emphasis is the synchronistic qualities of daily life and the natural world.

I have been defined as a ‘ layerist’, and ‘ minimalist’ but would best describe myself as a ‘transcendentalist’ attempting to ‘connect the dots’ in a interesting and enjoyable manner through mystical representational or abstract motifs.

I have exhibited in many public and private venues. My work is currently showing at Amapola Gallery ( Albuquerque, N.M.

For more information, visit:

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