Garry L. Philips

“Digital Photography”

acquired skills in black and white photography in a junior high school class back in the early 70s. I have since developed the “photographer’s eye” over the years, which has inspired the creative process of my artist endeavors. Ansel Adams’ life work of creative photography has influenced my work of fine art photography through the utilization of digital photography and computer technology.

After college, I took a long break from photography and in the late 90s rediscovered the fine art photographer in me, with the advent of Digital Photography. The computer and printer are my darkroom and part of that darkroom will follow me and my camera in the field, accompanied by a MacBook Air.

Happily, I have merged my experience as a traditional creative photographer with my current vocation as a computer professional. My landscape photo sessions are inspired by the all-powerful vistas of this land of enchantment and the diverse terrain that is exclusively located in New Mexico. I want to capture this beauty in a frame, hoping when you behold my work you will feel what I felt the moment the shutter clicked.


Member of Nob Hill Art Gallery on Montgomery Blvd., Albuquerque

Official Photographer of Turquoise Trail H.O.G. Chapter

Owner of Fine Art Photography By Philips

For more information, visit

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